arc led display, curved stage screen

C-Arc arc LED Display – Curved LED screen for event rental (P2.6)

Curved display solution for stage shows and events rental; 
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  • Color:

    Full color RGB
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    Shenzhen, China
  • Lead Time:

    3~25 Days
  • Warranty:

    1 Year
  • Product Detail

1 The C-Arc series adopts high-precision, aluminum die-casting cabinets that feature thin thickness, high strength, and low weight (cabinet size: 500*500mm, weight: ≤6.8KG/cabinet, thickness: 87mm );

2 As a typically curved display solution, the C-Arc series can be interspersed with other models of our LED screens (“C-Shine, C-Shine-Plus”) to create more complicated shapes;

3 The concave and convex angles that a single cabinet can bend with reach up to 30°;

4 The LED modules adopt soft PCB boards, so the arc surface of modules always remains smooth;

5 The modules adopt a no-fan design, and the working noise is under 40DB; so you do not have to worry that the audiovisual effects will be impacted when the LED display screen is working; 

6 The pixels are adjusted point by point to achieve white balance; this ensures the uniformity and consistency of the generated pictures;

7 One typical use for the C-Arc series is to form a round corner screen (required number of cabinets: 3) and a ring-shaped screen (required number of cabinets: 12);

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