mobile LED trailer

Mobile LED sign trailer – Solar powered VMS LED display

Mobile LED trailer for outdoor events & traffic guidance;
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    Shenzhen, China
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    Full color RGB
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    Shenzhen, China
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    3~25 Days
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    1 Years
  • Product Detail

1 The mobile LED trailer adopts high brightness, energy-saving display solution – it adopts ICE high brightness lamp beads, and a 2.8V/3.8V low-voltage power supply; the brightness level can be automatically adjusted; 

2 It delivers high-definition images: when the mobile LED trailer is running at a speed under 120km/h (dynamic distance<210m, static distance<250m), the displayed images look very clear even if in the rain and frog weather; so this can act as a good traffic signal that guides vehicles to safely pass;

3 The heat in cabinets is dissipated through large flow negative pressure; this highly efficient heat dissipation method ensures the LED screen can run steadily for a long time; in addition, the mobile LED trailer works silently; 

4 Due to its independent, uninterrupted power supply, the Mobile LED trailer can be used without geographical restriction; 

It can also be powered by solar panels: the solar PV panel plus 9.6KWH large capacity solar battery can continuously supply power for the LED screen; so you can opt to use the extra solar battery power system based on your needs;

5 It adopts advanced hydraulic lifting technology as well as a flexible rotating structure: the screen can hover at 1 meter in height, and can be 360° rotated; so it can broadcast information to a wide audience at different sides; 

6 The double safety towing structure (Grade-80 tow hook as well as 10mm safety chain) ensures the mobile LED trailer can be dragged safely and conveniently; 

7 The mobile LED trailer supports GPS positioning; it can output images through WiFi, computer, tablets, and U disk; and the video/image formats that the LED screen supports include MP4, AVI, and JPG; 

8 This solar mobile LED trailer is widely used for outdoor promotion events and traffic guidance; it can bring great impact at your event when placed among the crowd; in particular, it is quite suitable for experimental promotion events; when used for traffic guidance, it is mainly used as safety warning signs for vehicles on the highway;

Chipshow has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing LED display screens. If you feel the need to know more about Chipshow, you might check the page:  Chipshow - Professional Indoor & Outdoor LED Display Solutions;

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