3D LED screen, curved LED display

C-Slim 3D LED screen - corner 3D screen

P5 outdoor dual service, high-brightness, energy-saving LED screen

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    Full color RGB
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    Shenzhen, China / Glendale, California, US
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    3~25 Days
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Product Features:

1 High brightness, energy-saving: the screen’s brightness is up to 5000 CD/㎡at a 4.6V supply voltage;

2 Excellent display effects: the screen still shows delicate pictures without any bias, ghost, or other defects even though the screen works under a low-gray level;

3 Dual-service: both the module and cabinet adopt the front and rear maintenance scheme; therefore, it can meet various installation requirements.

4 Minimum radius: as a type of 3D outdoor LED screen with a corner design, the LED modules can be combined together into an outer arc screen with a minimum radius of 382mm, and can also be combined into a cylindrical screen with a minimum diameter of 764mm;

5 Ultra-light: the screen will greatly save you time and labor during transportation; for example, the weight of the finished screen cabinet (size: 600*960mm) is lower than 15kg/pcs (25kg/m²);

6 High protection level: the LED modules adopt a completely enclosed design with an IP rating of 65;

Application cases:

Chipshow has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing LED display screens. If you feel the need to know more about Chipshow, you might check the page:  Chipshow - Professional Indoor & Outdoor LED Display Solutions;

The short video below shows the manufacturing process of C-Slim LED screens in our factory:

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