Outdoor LED screen

C-Slim outdoor LED screen, front-service, SMD/DIP/ICE module

Front & rear service, cost-effective outdoor display solution (P4/5/6.67/8/10/16) for various environments

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    Shenzhen, China
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    Full color RGB
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    Shenzhen, China
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    3~25 Days
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    2 Years
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1 Front & rear maintenance: all the parts of the screens support front and rear maintenance, which can save a lot of space for installation and maintenance;  

2 Waterproof protection: every cabinet’s sides adopt a waterproof design to enhance the whole screen’s waterproof performance; 

3 High-quality cabinets: the cabinets adopt high-strengthened die-cast aluminum, and the cabinets are ultra-light and ultra-thin;

4 High reliability: the LED modules are fully enclosed; the protection level of the front and rear reaches IP65; all the wires can be concealed inside the screen’s bottom shell; the whole screen not only looks neat but also assures the safety of operation;

5 Energy-saving and more stable power supply (for P6.67/8/10): We provide the C-Slim P6.67/8/10 screens that adopt the common cathode scheme; by contrast with conventional LED screens, nearly 30% of energy can be saved; and this type of screen also uses the dual-voltage power supply system to automatically adjust the output voltage, this offers a more steady power supply; 

6 Applications: outdoor advertising, government & enterprise projects, sports events, image publicity, commercial real estate, and culture tourism, etc; 

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