Outdoor LED video signs

C-Smart P4/5/6/10 LED sign - Modular LED panel

Commercial outdoor LED sign; Modular design, Front service, Low Framework cost; Supporting fixed/hanging/wall-mounted nstallation. Each unit is an independently LED sign. When connected together, the LED signs can be a LED screen of bigger size that you want.
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    Wire Transfer/ Checks
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    full color RGB
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    Glendale California
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    2 years
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1 The C-Smart series adopts fully enclosed LED modules that integrate with controller boards as well as a protection design for cabinets; no extra protection for cabinets are required, so the C-Smart series has a more stable performance than conventional ones;   

2 Fully modular design without cabinet: bracket + fully enclosed module= large screen, saving the framework and cabinet cost;

3 Good flatness, 640*320 large module: users can assemble LED signs of different sizes quickly without requiring skills and experience;

4 Low transportation cost: light-weighted module (weight ≤ 26KG/㎡), and small volume, saving the transportation and storage cost;

5 Front and rear maintenance: wall-mounted design - you can maintain the power supply, control system, and modules from both front and rear;

6 Fast installation: 2-in-1 power and signal cables, fast lock installation, tidy wiring, and labor-saving;

7 High protection level: full IP65 waterproof front and rear;

8 Flexible installation medthods: The C-Smart series supports fixed/hanging/wall-mounted installation;

9 High-end display solutions: the C-Smart series is well received because of the easy installation & maintenance, and good image quality - it brings comprehensive display solutions for commercial outdoor advertising, road advertising, door advertising, shop window advertising, and sports events; besides commercial outlets, it is also widely used as LED signs for churches, schools, and communities;

Different Layouts for different sizes

Popular sizes in feet Popular sizes in meter Quantity of panels needed Total power references
2ft (H) x 4ft (W) 0.64meters (H) x 1.28meters (W) 2 x 2=4pcs 520 W
2ft (H) x 6ft (W) 0.64meters (H) x 1.92meters (W) 2 x 3=6pcs 780 W
3ft (H) x 6ft (W) 0.96meters (H) x 1.92meters (W) 3 x 3=9pcs 1,170 W
3ft (H) x 8ft (W) 0.96meters (H) x 2.56meters (W) 3 x 4=12pcs 1,560 W
4ft (H) x 8ft (W) 1.28meters (H) x 2.56meters (W) 4 x 4=16pcs 2,080 W
5ft (H) x 10ft (W) 1.60meters (H) x 3.20meters (W) 5 x 5=25pcs 3,250 W
6ft (H) x 10ft (W) 1.92meters (H) x 3.20meters (W) 6 x 5=30pcs 3,900 W
6ft (H) x 12ft (W) 1.92meters (H) x 3.84meters (W) 6 x 6=36pcs 4,680 W

Assembly Sketch Map:

Installation Reference:


1. Does it need special skill to install?

No, it is smart Led signs ready to use and it comes with all the installation kits needed, excepts the angle iron.

2. What can it display?

This LED video signs can display texts, images, animation, scrolling texts, videos etc.

3 May I know which application is the most suitable for the P6.67 C-Smart LED screen?
We have mentioned that this product has wide applications; but according to our experience and customers’ feedback, it typically offers a perfect small-sized display solution for outdoor use;

Chipshow has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing LED display screens. If you feel the need to know more about Chipshow, you might check the page:  Chipshow - Professional Indoor & Outdoor LED Display Solutions;

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