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C-Easy P10 Outdoor LED Sign - P10 LED module

Outdoor LED Signs modules provide a possibility for local signs companies to have their LED signs made in USA, and further lower the costs compared to outsourcing it elsewhere.
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    C-Easy P10
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    Wire Transfer/ Checks
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    full color RGB
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    Glendale California
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Ultra-thin: the module is generally 15kg/㎡ lighter than an iron cabinet, which reduces steel structure costs and transportation costs; 

Multi-purpose: we not only sell the complete LED display screen but also sell the LED display modules and cabinet; and the modules can be combined as advertising screens, rental screens, perimeter screens, and other types of large screens; by the way, we have sold a huge amount of LED display modules to American users, they assemble the modules by themselves;

Front maintenance design: every module is equipped with a front maintenance design; therefore, when it is permanently installed against a wall, you can also achieve fast assemble and disassemble because you can maintain from the front easily; 

High brightness: the illumination brightness of the LED modules reaches more than 5500 CD/㎡, which ensures that the LED modules can display clear pictures even under strong light;

High precision: the module is one-time die casting formed; the tolerance of dimension is controlled within 0.1mm, so it has good flatness and high assembly precision;

High durability:the protection level of the P10 LED modules reaches IP65; in outdoor use, they can resist rain, wind, salt spray, and salt corrosion;   

Aluminum magnesium heat dissipation door: efficient heat dissipation, low temperature rise: efficient conduction heat dissipation with aluminum-magnesium alloy heat dissipation door;

Advantages Of Chipshow P10 LED Display Modules:

1. Hot selling LED modules 

2. Higher brightness for longer working hours

3. Easier to access in the front for maintenance

4. Reliable LED module gadgets 


Pixel Pitch

size 320mm*320mm/12inch*12inch
Resolution 32*32pixels
Brightness 10,000nits
Refresh rate 1920Hz
Working Voltage DC5V
Power 59W
LED type DIP346
Weight 2.5KG/5.5LBS

LED Modules in connection with other accessories

1. Power supply: Meanwell delta etc all available --AC100~240V 50/60HZ
2. IC: Macrolock brand, customized brand available
3. Power cable: 75cm ul power cable for power supply to modules
4. Latch for front access with allen key
5. Silicone gel to keep moisture away
6. 16pin/20pin input interface to connect control card
7. Fence to provent deformation of row needles
8. Signal cable: 20pin signal cable for receiving card/module to module
9. LEDs: P5 SMD 1921, P6.67 SMD2727, P8 SMD3535, P10/P16 DIP 346

LED signs cabinet ready:

Build your own LED signs with LED kits. Getting empty cabinets and make customized signs, such as 6ft x 3ft, 8ftx 4ft, 10ft x 5ft etc.

Suitable for outdoor large-scale advertisements such as outdoor walls and base stacking.

Chipshow has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing LED display screens. If you feel the need to know more about Chipshow, you might check the page:  Chipshow - Professional Indoor & Outdoor LED Display Solutions;

Frequently asked questions:

1 It looks like you only stock P10 LED modules in the US; do you need to ship the complete P10 LED screen from China? 

Yes; if you need the complete screen made up of our P10 C-Fit-Easy LED modules, we need to ship from our Chinese factory;

2 Your website sells not only display screens but also display modules; may I know the pros of buying your LED modules?  

I bet you are just a beginner; in fact, the majority of people who buy our P10 LED modules have bountiful experience in the LED Screen industry; they assemble the modules all by themselves in their local places; in this way, they can use their brands to resell; 

3 What accessories do I need to make an LED sign?

In addition to LED modules, we provide fans, HUB cards, ribbon cables, power cables, power supplies, receiving cards, and a controller; and those accessories are available from our warehouse; don’t worry;

4 Now I start to create an LED sign, what do I need to know?

You need to pay attention to the details about the size of the LED modules, and we will also send you the corresponding CAD drawings.

5 How long does it take for my order to arrive?
We have a sufficient amount of stocks in American warehouses (our warehouse address: “640 Irving Avenue, Glendale California 91201”); so if you reside in the USA/Canada/Mexico, we guarantee a fast delivery which can be expected within 7 days.

6 Can you provide LED modules with other pixel pitches?
Yes, we can; as a professional LED display manufacturer, we can provide LED display screens with a wide range of pixel pitches; the P10 and P16 LED modules are regularly stocked in our American warehouse; and we can deliver other types of LED modules from our Chinese factory if you need;

7 It looks like you are only selling DIP LED modules, but I want SMD LED modules, can you offer me?
Yes; in our US warehouse, we just stock up with DIP LED modules; but we also produce SMD LED modules, and we can deliver from our Chinese factory according to your requirements;

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