Include digital LED message centers to your products range

Dec 14, 2020
Have you ever answered your clients like this " we're sorry that we don't have this product". When hung up the phone, you probably would have thought " do I really need to include this products to the prodcuts range?"

This product is whatever you call the LED screens, LED displays, LED message boards or digital LED signs, etc.

Supposed the fact that you do consider to include the LED signs into the products range, and you would face these following questions

  • Do I need to have a special metal workshop?
  • Do I need a specially trained engineer?
  • Do I need a crane to install the LED signs?

The answers are

  • You don't need to have a special metal workshop, the LED signs are ready to work.
  • You don't need a specially trained engineer, anyone who knows computer could use the LED signs.
  • You don't need a crane to install it, it only weigh 13Lbs.

So now, it is your chance and a good timing to supply the LED signs to your clients and boost your sales.

  • Light Weight--6KG/13Lbs
  • Unit panel size 1ft by 2ft wide
  • Front & Rear Access
  • 4mm/5mm/6.67mm/10mm available

You may think that one panel size is too small, but the truth is that you could make whatever size you want with more panels connected together as showed below.

In addition, You could easily install it to your pylon signs, monument signs, trailer signs or install it for large format billboards like those showed in the following picture.

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