• We are at the ISE 2024 trade show
    Feb 01, 2024 We are at the ISE 2024 trade show
    We have set up the standard booth at the ISE 2024 trade show in Barcelona; welcome to meet us;
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  • Welcome to meet us at the ISE 2024 exhibition
  •  Chipshow End Of The Year Party & Celebrations 2023 !!
    Jan 10, 2024 Chipshow End Of The Year Party & Celebrations 2023 !!
    Time is so hard to catch that why there is a quotes that Time and Tide waits for none. 2023 is about to pass in the blink of an eye. Everything always changes with the passage of time. Chipshow held a year-end party on the occasion of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year to give back to colleagues for their hard work in the past year and their good expectations for the coming year. The party started in a lively atmosphere. Before the dinner started, the first wave of lucky draws was held. This round of draws will draw many lucky winners of the third and fourth prizes. Then the sumptuous dinner began, everyone toasted to each other and thanked colleagues for their cooperation. In the past year, Chipshow worked together as one and moved forward without fear of difficulties. Facing the needs and problems of customers and friends around the world, we can all help each other and provide customers with the best solutions. This is the huge power of teamwork! After the dinner, the second wave of draws was ushered in, and the first and second prizes were drawn. During the first prize draw, the scene was extremely lively, with everyone cheering and shouting, hoping to win the lucky winner tonight. When the atmosphere reached its peak, the leaders even drew three additional fourth prizes, and the whole audience was excited! I have to say that this annual meeting was a success, and the atmosphere on site was touching. At the same time, it also reflects the unity of Chipshow employees and shows that everyone’s hearts can be twisted into one. Time flies so fast, and while we are still reminiscing about the good times, new opportunities and challenges have arrived. In the past year, Chipshow has served many new and old customers, providing them with high-quality products and the best services. With the cooperation of the Chipshow team, it has helped customers and friends win countless large and small projects. It is a beautiful memory that Chipshow is grateful for. In the new year, the Chipshow team will burst out with greater energy, maximize its advantages, and use the best service attitude to provide our customers and friends with more perfect LED display solutions.
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