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C-Slim outdoor LED billboard screen, high brightness, energy saving

outdoor high density P6.6/P8/P10/P16 LED screen, high brightness, low power consumption, long lifespan, naked eye 3d display solution
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(Corner Arc Splicing)

Product Features:

1 The C-Slim(ca) utilizes the common cathode technology to control every LED’s cathode precisely, energy wastage (it can be perceived as heat output) is minimized; moreover, the display screens use Semi-Dip LEDs (we also call them ) that is a type of LED beads that integrate the advantages of SMD LEDs and DIP LEDs; in general, the energy consumption of the C-Slim(ca) series is about 30% lower than conventional LED screens;


2 This series adopts a front-and-rear maintenance design; you can maintain the main parts (LED modules and power boxes are included) of the screens from the front; 

The die-casting aluminum cabinet has ultra-light weight, ultra-thin volume, ultra-high precision, and super strength, providing convenience for transportation and installation;

Every LED module reaches IP65 waterproof grade, whether on the front or the back side; moreover, all the wires have been cunningly concealed in the bottom part of the screen; this not only looks tidy but also offers secure use;

5 The dual power supply system can produce and adjust two different output voltages automatically; therefore, the screens always work at a highly stable power supply quality;

6 As a type of outdoor fixed LED display screen, the C-Slim(ca) series can be used widely in a variety of outdoor scenes, such as ED screens for advertising, image publicity, commercial real estate, and government/enterprise projects; 

ICE LED Display Screen Outdoor P6.6/8/10/16 display solution with high brightness and low electric consumption: 

Currently, our ICE LEDs are only configured in the C-Slim(ca) series; again, this is an innovative type of LED that is in between DIP LED and SMD LED; and it has outstanding advantages in quality and performance;

Single lamp comparison between ICE LED beads and SMD Led beads:

Brightness comparison between P6.6 SMD LED (SMD2727) and P6.6 ICE LED:  

With the C-Slim(ca) series display screens, high-density outdoor P6.6, and P8 display solutions with particularly high adaptability can be achieved;

Compared with conventional SMD LED, the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) modules of the ICE LED are independently encapsulated; this contributes to faster heat dissipation;

Comparison of failure rates under the same testing condition (* Note: The same condition includes the same frequency, the same low/high temperature, and the same testing time):

The C-Slim(ca) series does not have any mirror-like reflection (also known as “specular reflection”), and the high contrast ratio reaches more than 3000:1;

Power consumption comparison between SMD LED and ICE LED:

Comprehensive comparison among DIP, SMD, and ICE LED:


Typical cases in which the C-slim series is very suitable:

  Outdoor flat/curved advertising, and outdoor unipole advertising:

  Outdoor naked-eye 3D display screen (suitable pixel pitch: P6.67):

 Display in environments where there is extreme exposure to dust storms, high temperature, and UV light (suitable pixel pitch: P8, P10); environments where there is an extremely high level of reflective light,  environments where there is extreme exposure to dust storms, high temperature, and UV light (suitable pixel pitch: P8, P10);

 Display in coastal areas (suitable pixel pitch: P10):

Chipshow has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing LED display screens. If you feel the need to know more about Chipshow, you might check the page:  Chipshow - Professional Indoor & Outdoor LED Display Solutions;

Let's look at the manufacturing process of the C-Slim(Ca) series:

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